The PinchukArtCentre, as the main cultural core of our country, gives residents and guests of the capital the opportunity to see the best works of the world of contemporary art with their own eyes. This time we can appreciate the personal exhibition of the popular Colombian artist Carlos Motta, which has opened at the PinchukArtCentre and will be available for viewing until January 10
Assistance in organizing the exhibition and creating installations “Patriots. Citizens. Lovers…” directed by Alina Dianova. The Ukrainian, known to us as a music video maker and working with famous domestic stars, has been collaborating with the PinchukArtCentre for a long time and could not miss the opportunity to get to know and work with Karl Motta himself.
Carlos Motta gained worldwide popularity thanks to the FutureGeneration Art Prize 2014, and his installations are popular not only in New York, where he lives and works, but also far beyond the US. The Colombian brought the exhibition “Patriots. Citizens. Lovers…”, which includes a series of interviews with active members of the LGBTI community and the queer movement. The characters of the exhibition reflect and make their own comments about the sad situation in Ukraine, the oppression of sexual minorities and the almost threatening discrimination against them in turbulent war times. The ten speakers mentioned above are assembled into a kind of installation, complemented by Motta's well-known multimedia work "We who feel differently", which saw the world back in 2012.
After the closing of the exhibition in Kyiv “Patriots. Citizens. Lovers…” goes on a real world tour: the artist’s installation will be seen by residents of Canada, Colombia and Norway.