You're a filmmaker, you shoot beauty and fashion commercials, also music videos. Which of these do you like the most?

Energy is important to me. I can visually convey thoughts and meanings. Commercial projects in the fashion and beauty industry brings a lot of joy for me. As aesthetics is the main component I often built decorations, I'm inspired by the opportunity to create the world according to my own rules. I have my own thoughts and vision wich I would love to share with the team and audience. Love to tell stories. The world is very diverse and sometimes incredibly comic, but at the same time fragile deep and exciting, and only we get to choose what it will be like tomorrow.

I try to choose projects that are in tune with my inner world. For 10 years I was a ballet dancer, then I entered the directing department, that explain my love for choreography and music, so I like to shoot music videos or video with choreography. It's pure drive.
For a long time I worked in a contemporary art center and I often add unusual art elements to my work. Now I am into digital generative art and NFT.
Right now I am making a trailer for my upcoming future film about the positive impact of social media using ai technology.

How do you manage to find that "grain of creativity" when you have a huge "overlap" of parallel projects?
I travel a lot. I lived in America, France learned how to combine projects in different parts of the world and communicate via zoom, now it's easy, the main thing is to sleep sometimes. I always have a planning period. It's a creative closed period where I don't shoot anything for a few months, I'm at home and working on ideas. With that kind of preparation, your punch time is down and it's easier than working a 24/7 schedule. But, you still need to feed yourself with strength and energy throughout that time to exude good spirits, which is basically impossible on a regular basis. Fortunately, you get clients who energize you on their own. And when clients "stew," your inner flower from the barbs withers, and you begin to intuitively distance yourself from these people and postpone shooting.

Can you name your unconditional work that you're proud of?
It's a documentary called Journey to the Silent Theatre. It is a work about the journey of three legendary artists - the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, the American pianist Lola Astanova, and the legendary producer, sixteen-time Grammy Award winner, David Foster. We shot the film in the heart of Tuscany, the city where Andrea Bocelli was born and founded the Silent Theatre. We also shot the film in Los Angeles, right in David Foster's apartment, where Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and many other stars used to write. It's a journey of months and meeting incredible people. Until now, I didn't even think a documentary could interest anyone so much, but we've already had a million views and that's from a Channel Zero start. It's definitely my favorite work.

Do you often put personal things into your stories?
Yes, my stories are my inner state. I am very much influenced by the people around me. I can be touched by someone I don't know with two trivial phrases that I remember and go on living with.

Could you manage several projects in parallel where you're not the basis of all the scenarios?
I'm just now moving in that direction, because I realize that my resource is still limited as long as I do it, as usual, thoughtfully, qualitatively and immersed in the project.
The step forward is to walk away from global responsibility for every tiny process. You drop the creative seed and watch it sprout. It's just as inspiring. On the other hand, by delegating tasks to others, you accept at the same moment that the project will not be "from and to" yours. Like a child: it will look like itself and be special in its own way.